My first entry

So, the idea behind this site is to get my ideas out there, share what little (but hopefully, valuable) knowledge I have with the world and to benefit other people.

I suppose the main idea was to expand the work I currently do outside of my day job to help improve people’s career prospects. Whether that’s interview techniques, building a better CV or LinkedIn profile or being able to provide some direction when you’re at a cross-roads in your career.

Having said that, I’m passionate about a lot of things and I’d like to incorporate some of my other interests into this small section of the internet. These are things like investing, design work, photography, travelling, my religion and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (I have I mentioned this enough yet!).

So, currently the main aim for this site will be to expand the business I do to a wider audience but I will be throwing in a few curve balls here and there when inspiration hits me. I appreciate this isn’t the best way to grow a brand or a business. You’re supposed to define your purpose, understand your target audience and go after it ruthlessly. But hey, this is my corner of the internet and I can do what I like, right!?

I’ve also been trying to build a presence on Medium of late as well and I’ve been quite inconsistent with it. So, another thought I had was to post my first drafts of articles on here with the view of posting the finished piece there. This should give me the push I need to be more consistent with it.

If you’ve made it to this site, and this far down the page, I appreciate you giving me your time. I hope I can be of use to just a small fraction of people out there.

Feel free to reach out, I’m still getting used to this new world of having my own website!

Bushy Park, 30th December 2020. Seems appropriate for my first blog entry, right. Beginning of a long road, did you get it?

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