Take, don’t just give in an interview.

Too many times I’ve been an interviewer and the candidate has sat there and answered every question I’ve asked them… and they’ve not asked a single question back.

Candidates; please remember, although you’re the one being interviewed make sure you do some interviewing yourself.

What does this mean?

The person sitting in front of you in that interview could arguably be the most influential person in your life for the next X years. Do you not want to know anything about them?

This is the person you’re going to be spending 35+ hours a week working for, learning from and developing under. Please make sure you make the right choice.

I’ve been hit with with the same questions countless times…

“How big is the team?”

“What do you like about working here?”

“What’s the hardest part about working here?”

All perfectly fine and reasonable questions. But for all you know, I could be terrible at my job. And you’re about to trust the next few years of your development to me.

Now, I’m not saying I’ve never made this mistake myself. I’ve had my fair share of dodgy managers. But I’ve learnt the hard way so hopefully you don’t have to.

Ok, so what questions should I ask?

“Tell me more about your background”

“What are your biggest achievements?”

“If I asked your manager about you what would they say to me?”

“If I asked someone in a different department about you, what would they say to me?”

“What’s your management style?”

There’s many more but hopefully this gives you something to think about. What are your personal goals? What do you want from this job you’re applying for? Can this person help you get there? What questions can you ask them to find out?

I appreciate jobs at the moment are a bit more scarce than we’re normally used to. You may feel the need to compromise a little at the moment. If this is truly the case then put an asterix on this blog for next time. Just be cognisant of the damage working under the wrong person can cause.

Remember, interviews are a two-way street. Take, as well as give.

Thoughts/feedback/questions welcome.


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