Who am I?

New Year’s Eve 2020, Copenhagen (little did we know what was about to happen!)

After graduating university with a Law degree I decided the legal route wasn’t one I wanted to pursue – although I did thoroughly enjoy it (not Land law though, didn’t like that!), I decided my journey laid elsewhere.

I began my career in a fast-paced sales role which led me to the world of agency recruitment. Having worked for some of the biggest names in recruitment in the UK and Australia I made the move to an in-house role with one of the fastest growing UK tech businesses in London.

My bread and butter has always been tech recruitment but I now lead the search for all experienced roles in the business. Whether this is a People Partner, Digital Marketing Specialist, Head of Engineering or an Accountant.

In recent years, I’ve dedicated much of my time to learning the things I believe we should be taught during school. Like; how to read a balance sheet, or how to manage personal finances, or how to set goals and create a plan of action. I believe these are the basics everyone should have in their toolbox before entering the working world.

I’ve worked with many people over the years to give career-coaching during their job search or help set them up for success in other ways. I’m currently delving deeper in to the world of coaching by adding further qualifications to the ones I have already with the likes of OCM and StrengthScope.

I’m particularly passionate about helping those who are just beginning their careers’. I hope I can give the guidance I wish I had had at the time in my life.

So, if you’re a university student, have recently graduated or have just left school and you need any advice, please get in contact. I’ll do my utmost to find the time to help (for free, of course). If you’re interested in specialised career-coaching or anything else to do with your job search contact me here.

With the rest of my time; I spend with family, learning arabic and on the mats at the Roger Gracie Academy. I’ve also just purchased my first mirrorless camera, so let’s see how that goes…



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