Take, don’t just give in an interview.

Too many times I’ve been an interviewer and the candidate has sat there and answered every question I’ve asked them… and they’ve not asked a single question back. Candidates; please remember, although you’re the one being interviewed make sure you do some interviewing yourself. What does this mean? The person sitting in front of youContinue reading “Take, don’t just give in an interview.”

Should I mention my side-hustle in an interview?

With the rise of the Gary Vee’s, Ali Abdaal’s and all the YouTube entrepreneurs in the last 20 years; now more than ever, people are looking to establish those prized “multiple income streams.” And fair play to you. The conundrum facing a lot of people is whether they should mention it in an in interviewContinue reading “Should I mention my side-hustle in an interview?”

This is what a hiring manager wants to hear.

A quick note on a simple question 90% of interviewers will (and should) ask. “So, tell me, how do you prioritise your workload?” This is a great question and, in certain situations, has been the question that has changed a no into a yes for me. I can’t believe how varied and creative some ofContinue reading “This is what a hiring manager wants to hear.”

Ask this question in every interview (tip for candidates, not interviewers).

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the end of an interview and they ask… “So, what questions do you have for us?” If you’ve prepared a bunch of questions beforehand, great. Ask those questions. Just make sure this is the last question you ask… “What reservations do you have about me?” If you’ve ever workedContinue reading “Ask this question in every interview (tip for candidates, not interviewers).”

Brief advice to job seekers

I thought I’d write a few ideas on some general ideas/principles for those on the job market. Now, a lot of people are going through a really tough time during this pandemic and if you’re someone who has job insecurity worries on top of everything else, you really do have my thoughts and prayers. AContinue reading “Brief advice to job seekers”