Ask this question in every interview (tip for candidates, not interviewers).

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the end of an interview and they ask… “So, what questions do you have for us?”

If you’ve prepared a bunch of questions beforehand, great. Ask those questions. Just make sure this is the last question you ask…

“What reservations do you have about me?”

If you’ve ever worked in sales this question should be a no-brainer but, to a lot of people, this question is gold-dust.

Throughout interviews, your interviewer is constantly thinking and deciding in their mind whether you’re right for the job. By the end of an interview they tend to have a pretty good idea of which direction they’re leaning.

Rarely have I ever known an interviewer to have one opinion on a candidate straight after an interview and then changed their mind the next day. Granted, it does happen but, when it does, it’s usually changing a yes to a no.

Which makes this question even more important.

Interviews are a scary thing, I don’t know many people who actually enjoy interviews. I’m sure there are a select few maniacs out there though.

Naturally, we forget those key details that turn our ok answers into a great answers. We’re worried about how we look; are we fidgeting? Are we taking too long to answer? will they think I’m rambling on?

There are a million thoughts racing through our mind whilst we’re trying to display our best-selves to a complete stranger who is essentially judging whether we’re “good enough”. When you put it that way interviews are a weird thing, right.

Anyway, that’s where this question comes in.

When you ask this question, you’re asking for feedback on the spot. You’re finding out whether you’re currently a yes or a no. You’re actually making your interviewer think hard about an answer for once in this interview. Many people will be impressed you had the guts to ask such a question.

The real reason you ask this question though is to objection-handle, right there and then. If the hiring manager wasn’t impressed by one of your answers, or thought you had a key skill missing then this is your chance to add to that answer or show them why you do have that key skill they’re looking for.

This is the question that could secure you your dream job. Heck, if you’ve decided by the end of that interview that you don’t even want the job – ask the question anyway. Use this feedback to prepare better for that dream interview.

I’ll leave it there as I said to myself I’d keep these posts as short as possible – as always, feedback welcome and give me a shout if you have any questions.

Peace, Ash.


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